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The Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering study of the life and works of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known to the world by his pen name, Lewis Carroll.

The Lewis Carroll Society was formed in 1969 with the aim of encouraging research into the life and works of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). The Society has members around the world, including many leading libraries and institutions, authors, researchers and many who simply enjoy Carroll’s books and want to find out more about the man and his work. Why not join the LCS – for your own interest and entertainment or to make a contribution to Carroll scholarship? Our subscriptions are remarkably low for a society of this nature.

Link to Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) photos posted page in memory of Helmut Gernsheim who made Dodgson’s photography known to the general public in 1949 and who, over the years, taught us so much about the early days of photography.

Photography of Alice

Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland site: Includes resources and links to all kinds of information.

The Name Alice:

Software: Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web.

Alicebot A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation

Pages of General Interest

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground:
Read the original manuscript online. This is the original version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, hand-written by Charles Dodgson for Alice Liddell between 1862 and 1864. The tale was first told by mathematician and pioneer photographer Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) on 4 July 1862 to the three young daughters of Henry Liddell, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, on a river boat trip. Dodgson published his story in 1865, with illustrations by John Tenniel. It has since become one of the most popular of all children’s books.